Truth About Facebook Follow Me Hoax


Truth About Facebook Follow Me Hoax – A message is spreading out throughout Facebook that declares customers could see who is discreetly following them by going to the obstructing area of their setups and keying in “following me”.

Truth About Facebook Follow Me Hoax – This is simply the most up to date variant of a long-running scam that greater than most likely initially generated as an outcome of a misconception of Facebook’s privacy setups.

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The Truth

False claims that searching lists of blocked users for the phrase “following me” reveals a list of secret followers (or stalkers) is a new take on an old hoax.

A rash of posts making the “following me” claim popped up on September 21, 2017. It’s not clear where the claim started, but there are many different versions of it. Oftentimes, these posts claim that a friend or acquaintance used the “following me” trick to reveal dozens of unauthorized stalkers,

 mostly from foreign countries:
Facebook posts claiming that searching blocked users for the phrase “following me” reveals unwanted followers surfaced in September 2017.

In reality, searching a list of blocked users for ”following me” on Facebook will bring up a list of profiles containing the phrase “following me” — not a list of unwanted followers. One Facebook user proved this by changing her profile nickname to “following me.”

Dozens of people who searched “following me” sent angry messages to the woman after her account turned up in their search results. Given that the woman wasn’t an actual secret follower, “following me” is nothing more than a keyword search.