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Twitter Hashtags – Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best and most used social media platforms in the world. Creating an account on this platform and accessing other important features on this social media platform is easy and free and so is the hashtag feature.

What is the famous twitter hashtag? The hashtag on twitter is a symbol used to index words or other topics on twitter. A hashtag on twitter is usually written with a # symbol. For those users who don’t know about the twitter hashtag feature, this article is for you.

Whenever you see the ‘#’ symbol on the twitter platform just know that that word is hashtagged. And in the course of this article, you will know why or the reason for hashtags on the platform.

Twitter Hashtags

A hashtag is a feature or label used on a social media platform like twitter. This symbol or label makes it easier for users to find relevant pieces of information or specific content on a social media platform like twitter.

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Hashtags are very important features through your social media journey. They help users explore content they love and are interested in. hashtags can also be used and utilized by associations to their advantage in the sense that they can get to target audiences.

These hashtags will also help members filter pieces of information. The function of the hashtag however was created on twitter and this function easily allows people to follow topics that they are interested in.

How To Use Hashtags On Twitter

When people use hashtags on twitter, they use it to categorize tweets and it also helps them to show more and easily on twitter search.

Twitter uses use a hashtag before a relevant keyword or phrase. When a user clicks or taps on a hashtagged word in a message or tweet, it shows you other tweets on the platform that include or contain that very hashtagged word.

Also, this is what you should know about hashtags. They can be included anywhere in a tweet. Words with hashtags can become very popular on the platform and are often the trending topics on twitter.

When you want to use a hashtag, you should not add spaces or punctuations. If you do any of the latter, the hashtag will not work properly.

When you tweet with a hashtag on an account that is made public, anyone who does a search for that hashtag may find your tweet. Although you can use as many hashtags you want, it is recommended that you use no more than two per tweets.

This is the best practice on the platform. To discover other content and accounts based on your interest, type a hashtagged word in the search, and search for it.

How To Create A Hashtag On Twitter

Creating a hashtag on twitter is easy. As long as you are a registered user o the twitter platform, you can create your very own hashtags. To create this, all you need to do is to add the # symbol to the beginning of an unbroken word or phrase.

When you do this, your hashtag will be created successfully. When you create one on the platform, the said tweet becomes linked with all other tweets that include it.

Adding a hashtag to your tweet gives it more contexts and conversation longevity. But before you can make use of this tool on twitter you will need to have a twitter account.

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