View My Blocked List On Facebook | How To Unblock A Friend On Facebook


View My Blocked List On Facebook – It is normal to block someone on Facebook especially when their presence discomforts you and you can no longer bear the burden of their disturbance or you don’t want to communicate with such person again, you can block them, Facebook have such features. However, When you have a change of heart for your friend and wish to unlock them on Facebook to open communication between you and the person again, you can still revoke the whole blocking action.

Once you block a friend on Facebook, you can easily see them on your blocked list through your Facebook settings. When I view my blocked list on Facebook I get to see the list of all my blocked friends.

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I can decide to unblock a friend too after checking through the list. When you block a friend on Facebook that friend will be removed automatically from your List of friends, he won’t be able to see any of your posts or text, chat and video call you on Facebook. After unblocking the friend you must send a friend request to the friend again in order to become friends on Facebook again. Now see how to view your blocked list on Facebook below.

How To View My Blocked List On Facebook

After blocking a friend on Facebook and you are not sure if that friend has been blocked already, you can verify by viewing your blocked list on Facebook. With the following steps below you can know how I view my blocked list on Facebook

  • After connecting your device to the internet, launch
  • Tap on the options icon, it is a three horizontal line
  • From the list of options click on settings
  • From your settings menu tap on account settings
  • Scroll down and tap on blocking, it is towards the bottom of the page.

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On the next interface there’s a field available to input a friend name to block them, underneath that field bar, a list of names are displayed, the names displayed are the names of friends you’ve blocked on Facebook

How To Unblock A Friend On Facebook

To unblock a friend on Facebook you’ll have to first view my blocked list on Facebook. Then you follow the steps below to unblock a friend on Facebook:

  • Login to Facebook with your Facebook app or Facebook web
  • Once on Facebook home page click on the options icon
  • From your list of options click on settings
  • A list will be displayed, from the list select account settings
  • Scroll down till you see the blocked user section, click on the unblock button beside the friend you want to unblock
  • Confirm unblock

To chat with a friend you just unblocked you will have to send that friend a friend request again. And if you wish to block that friend again you will have to wait for two days.

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View My Blocked List On Facebook | How To Unblock A Friend On Facebook