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Watch Movies On Facebook – Facebook Watch is your ultimate video streaming service which gives users quality videos 24 hours, 7 day a week. This isn’t an app but I video streaming service created by Facebook to help users catch up with their favorite video categories.

Watch Movies On Facebook – On desktop it is found on the menu bar located at the left hand side while on the Facebook Mobile App it is found at the top of your FB page. This feature hasn’t been introduced for long but is giving FB users a great opportunity to pass time and have fun. Using FB Watch you can stream:

  1. Movies
  2. Shows
  3. Skits
  4. Video Messages etc.

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As you open the FB Watch you are given access to trending video which people around you are watching. These videos are uploaded by individuals and as they trend, they become very popular. These videos are free and so long you have internet access, you will enjoy them. You can even watch full movies and shows here just by searching for them

Uploading a Watch to Facebook

You can choose to upload your own videos because it’s just the same process you follow when uploading a video on Facebook. Take advantage of this to watch movies for free. You can search for any at all. For instance search “Doctor Strange” in your Facebook Watch and a lot of video referrals will appear. Just choose that which best suits you.

To upload a watch follow these steps:

  • Get on your Facebook Timeline at the top of your FB Page
  • Click Photo/Video
  • Choose a video from your device
  • Input an optional update
  • Input a video title
  • Pick a video category
  • Then click “Share”

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If you want your video to trend, make sure it is public. You can add a thumbnail to your if you like.