What is this new Facebook Following me hoax? | Followed me hoax on FB


What is this new Facebook ‘following me’ hoax? | Followed me hoax on FB: The Facebook ‘following Me’ posts you may have read are all nonsense, it is a hoax

Facebook has been a part of most of our lives for around a decade now yet it appears we are still pretty awful at identifying what is legitimate and what is a hoax or a wind-up.

What is this new Facebook ‘following me’ hoax? | “Followed me” hoax on FB

This week’s hoax catching people by surprise and sending them into blind panic is the “following me” myth.

This alludes to a list of secret people following you that are not your friends but just complete randomness, so basically – stalkers.

If you go to your settings and find the blocked users tab and type “follow me” – doing this will achieve precisely nothing.

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This is just a ruse, and an old one as it’s been about countless times before.