Who Has Viewed Your Instagram Profile – How To Know Who Has Viewed Your Instagram Profile


Who Has Viewed Your Instagram Profile – Instagram is the most protruding image and video sharing application which lets its users share their personal or public pictures as well as videos.

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It’s very possible to establish watch count on the videos which you have actually uploaded on the application but this does not tell you who exactly is looking at your Instagram account and also privately viewing your images.

If you often post photos and video on Instagram and you definitely suspect that people are actually viewing your post, the good news here is that, there are actually various means to know who is checking out your Instagram profile. Some pf the tools needed to achieve this will be discussed in this article, so make sure you read till the end.

Large number of Instagram users actually loves their privacy but with a public account, anyone on Instagram can view whatever is in your profile, it is only restricted to your followers on a private account.

Many people have condemned those Instagram user who uses private account for stimulating their privacy. The statement that everybody could get your profile may be accentuating.

Below are the various tools or third party apps that can be used with Instagram to determine those stalker that are viewing your Instagram profile


InstaMutual is an app obtainable on iPhone and iPad to see who inspection your Instagram account is. You could uphold this feature on for a day to see every individual user that is visiting your account. The application is easy to handle and also user friendly.


InstaView is also a widespread app to check who inspected your Instagram Account. This application is obtainable for both iOS and Android devices. InstaView enables you to view nothing less than 200 individuals who recently viewed your Instagram profile.


with any of the above apps you can keep watch on whoever is viewing your profile, but it may seems stressing to act as vigilante security for your own account when you can as well go for the easier restriction of viewers introduced as private account on Instagram, instead of constantly checking your Instagram viewer, you can just make your account private so that only your followers can get access to whatever you shared and not just a random individual user you don’t know.

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I hope this was helpful, why not share with some of your family and friends so they could find it helpful to educate them on those who viewed their Instagram profile account.


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