Who Is Stalking You On Facebook – Facebook And Following Me Hoax / Stalking You On Facebook


Who Is Stalking You On Facebook – With the majority using logging on at least once a day. And although not everyone will admit it, a lot of users enjoy scrolling onto other people’s profiles or ‘following’ them on the social media site to keep up to date with their activities.

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But people have been left in a state of panic by a new hoax doing a round – with fears a hidden list could expose your covert ‘followers’ or, in other words, people who have been secretly Facebook stalking you.

According to the rumors, the website will give you a list if you go to the ‘block’ section of the settings and type in ‘following me’.

Unfortunately, this idea is nothing but a ruse – and an old one at that!

Regardless, a message is spreading across the Mark Zuckerberg-owned website – and people are getting frightened.

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