Who Viewed my Profile Details on Facebook


Who Viewed my Profile Details on Facebook – Many programmers have developed different applications that they claim will show Facebook users who viewed their profile details but unfortunately, these programmers together with the developed applications are a scam. This fraudulent act is just to acquire your login detail with ease and use your Facebook account for other dubious purposes.

These applications were developed due to the uprising inquiry of Facebook users about how they can know who viewed their profile, so, they are using the opportunity to extort them. But I’m glad to inform you that some techniques have been discovered which allows you to know those that viewed profile details on Facebook.

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The frequency of Facebook users who inquiry about those viewing their details on Facebook is alarming, making it on the most wanted feature on Facebook. But Facebook has refused to add up this feature mainly because it goes against their privacy policies which they respect a lot. These techniques was brought up due to the crucial reasons which was given by those asking the questions, reasons like, to detect if parent is watching their activities online, to know those well-wishers that are checking you on Facebook and to gain more friends from it. Below are the techniques developed

Use of chrome add-on

Site visitor for Facebook is a free chrome add-on which allows you to view those that looked at your Facebook details. This add-on works perfectly well to show you those that viewed you on Facebook but the only limitation is that, the only set of people you can track are those that also uses this add-on on their chrome browser, you won’t see those that don’t have the add-on installed. The visitor tab will displayed beside the friends tab as soon as you login with your add-on installed chrome browser, clicking the visitor tab will pop-up the names of those that viewed your personal details on Facebook. To make the technique more effective, you have to inform your friends too.

Using page resources.

Go to your profile on Facebook and then right click any empty spot, choose “page resources” from the menus.

The page that comes up contains different codes which made up the page. Search for the word “initialChatFriendsList”, after locating the word, there are some IDs which follows it, separated by double inverted commas. Copy the IDs into your clipboard. Then each ID should be paste in front of the Facebook link, www.facebook.com/ID and send. The page displayed will be the profile of the individual that looked at your details on Facebook. Also note that the IDs in front are representing those that lately viewed your details while the IDs far behind are those that for long viewed it or have not at all.

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I hope one of these two techniques have helped you detect those who viewed your details on Facebook? Share to other friend so the add-on on chrome browser can be effective when in use.

Kindly share this guide with your friends on Facebook, let us know via the comment section if you face any issue trying to implement this guide.

Who Viewed my Profile Details on Facebook