www.nounonline.net – National Open University Portal www.nouonline.net Latest Application Update


www.nounonline.net – National Open University Portal www.nouonline.net Latest Application Update

National Open University Portal: This portal simply provides all students of this great academic institution with all of the information required.

Also, on this portal, all National Open University students, both new student and returning student of this great academic institution can process almost everything they need to make their study easier and much better
Furthermore, in this article, you shall get more information about the National Open University and its portal.

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What Do You Know about National Open University

National Open University is one of Nigeria’s biggest Universities. And it is the first-ever distance learning center in West Africa. Also, this institution was previously operating and making use of www.nouonline.com but is currently operating www.nouonline.net.

However, this portal has replaced the www.noun.edu.ng Student Portal. Whereas the www.nou.edu.ng Student Login page has been taken over and is currently opening at the new www.nouedu.net courseware download portal.

Additionally, importantly, you should know that www.nouonline.net, and not www.nounonline.net is referred to as the Noun Studware platform.

The National Open University Studware

This is for candidates and students who don’t know the meaning or function of NOUN studware is or its functions. The National Open University (NOUN) StudWare is a students’ information system.

Also, it is carefully created, developed and supported by the Directorate of Management Information System of NOUN.

National Open University Portal Overview

When you visit this portal you’ll see the menu options as shown and explained below:

1. Check Nounonline RRR

What is the meaning of RRR? RRR simply stands for Remita Retrieval Reference. You can easily and quickly check your Remita payment status. And this is by clicking on the RRR Link button which is provided on this portal.

The portal will provide you with a clear and complete guide on how to check Remita payment status for verification of Noun Fees Payment.

2. Student Login

Another important function is that it provides students of this great academic institution, direct access to their dashboard. However, for students who don’t know how or where to access their noun online dashboard, nouonline.net is the place you should be.
Also, it provides the student with an easy and direct link to the Nouonline Portal student registration and TMA login portal page.

3. Staff Login

Have you ever asked yourself where do Noun staff login? Well, this portal is also a place for the staff of this institution as well. Also, the Staff Login button is strictly for Noun site admin and staff login dashboard and not for students.

4. Semester Registration

Noun portal provides students easy access to quickly register their semester courses and other important registrations.

Also, through this page, you’ll be provided a link for the National Open University Semester registration, including the following as listed below;

  • Noun study centers.
  • Also, Noun registered students.
  • Additionally, admitted Undergraduate Students.
  • Furthermore, the National Open University admitted postgraduate students.
  • Plus, exam registration.
  • Also, Noun registered courses for Examination.

5. Application for National Open University Admission

You can now apply for admission into the National Open University of Nigeria through the nounonline portal. When you are applying for admission, you will be provided with the following:

  • List of NOUN Programmes.
  • Also, list of Noun study centers, where you get to see the center close to you.
  • Additionally, guide on how to apply for undergraduate programs.
  • Also, postgraduate program guide.
  • Plus, how to Check Unique ID.

6. National Open University Ph.D. Programmes

On this portal, you’ll be able to see the NOUN Ph.D. Programmes. However, take note that the Ph.D. program contains everything you need to know about:

  • Noun postgraduate school.
  • Also, Ph.D. application for admission.
  • Furthermore, procedures for the Ph.D. program.
  • Also, available Ph.D. Programmes.

How to Use National Open University Portal Menu

The first thing you’ll discover when visiting this website is its Menu bar. Also, you can easily and quickly check your RRR status.

However, for students who don’t know the meaning of RRR status, it means that through the “CHECK RRR”, you can now check Remita Payment status of your noun online fees payments. Thus, RRR means “Remita Reference Retrieval Number”.

How to Check National Open University Remita Payment Status on the Portal

Here is a simple and straight-to-point guide on how you can check the National Open University remita payment status.

  • You need to visit the National open university, noun portal here – www.nouonline.net
  • Also, simply click on Check RRR.

National Open University Portal – www.nounonline.net 

Here is an official step by step procedures and guidelines on how you can easily log in to the National Open University of Nigeria Student portal. Thus, follow the guideline shared below to access your personalized student dashboard.

  • Visit the student portal, click here – net
  • When the page loads up, proceed and click on “Student”.

How to Register at the Portal – www.nounonline.net 

  • Go to the Noun students registration portal >www-nouonline-net
  • Click at the ‘students’ button and select the ‘Register’ link
  • Furthermore, fill in the Noun students portal registration form and click the ‘Submit’ button

The form requires that you enter your noun matric number (in small letters), surname and other names, email address, phone number, state of origin and login password.

How to Login – www.nounonline.net 

  • Visit the nounonline student portal www-nouonline-net
  • At the nouonline.net menus, click the ‘Students’ button and select the ‘Login’ text from the drop-down option.
  • Also, enter your student matric number, password. And click the ‘Submit’ button to get logged-in to your noun studware dashboard. This is whether as a newly admitted student or a noun second-semester student.

What to Do While at the NOUN Students Portal

  • Upload a student profile photo
  • Also, generate a remita code to pay noun semester school fees and register courses/exams
  • Furthermore, print noun student I.D card
  • Additionally, print the courses/Exams registration slip
  • Also, get the slips stamped at your study center
  • Additionally, download Noun e-Exam / Pen-on-paper timetable
  • Again, start submitting uploaded TMAs
  • Put yourself together and see you at the examination hall

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