Xbox Mic Not Working – How to Fix Your Xbox One Mic Not Working

Xbox Mic Not Working

Xbox Mic Not Working – There is nothing more annoying, like a breach of communication with friends! So annoying that it can sip pants of blood from your system.

Xbox Mic not working brings such communication breach between you and friends while using the Xbox chat feature on the Xbox platform.

Every update of the Xbox one series comes with exciting new features. The Xbox one mic allows you to chat with your fellow players using the Kinect built-in microphone.

Often, gamers complain of having trouble hearing the chat audio while using the Xbox One Chat Headset.

This can be quite frustrating because the Xbox One game relies on voice commands. A faulty Xbox One mic means that you may not be able to use Cortana commands with your Xbox One.

If your Xbox one mic has the same fault, this post typically presents how to fix your Xbox One mic, not working issues, thereby getting you back on a smooth loop with fellow gamers.

I hope you’re ready for the roll? Let’s delve into the details…

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How do Xbox One Mic Problems Looks?

The first step to solving any problem is first to identify the problem. As such, we will first present how to know if your connection breach with friends on the Xbox platform is a mic, not working issues. The Xbox one mic problems usually come in different ways, such as:

Distorted audio – in this situation, the sound is either indistinct, muffled, or gnarled.

Muted audio – no sound is emanating from the headset.

Limited audio – this means that selected teammates can hear sounds.

Reasons Why Your Xbox One Mic Is Not Working

After you have identified the problem, indeed, we’re sure your connection issue is your Xbox mic. Let’s show you why the mic is not working.

  • If a part of the Xbox mic is spoilt or damaged, it will not be working as intended.
  • Damage to the microphone can also result in a faulty mic. A slow internet connection can also lead to delayed and distorted audio.
  • Suppose your Xbox One Mic is not correctly connected to your controller and console. In that case, it will lead to a muted, delayed, or distorted sound.
  • If your headset is muted, you won’t be able to hear a sound. The first thing to do if your Xbox One Mic is not producing any sound is to make sure your headset is not muted.
  • Incorrect settings can also account for a muted sound. If your profile settings limit your voice communication, your headset won’t produce a sound.

How to Fix Your Xbox One Mic Not Working

Various methods can be employed to fix your Xbox One Mic. As mentioned earlier, this fault can be quite aggravating as the mic on your headset can’t record your voice.

Sometimes, the fault comes in the format of not hearing what your friends say, but they can’t listen to you.

An Xbox One mic producing distorted or muted sounds can be resolved with the methods provided below.

First Method – Check Your Controller and Headset

Most often than not, when your Xbox One Mic is not producing any sound, it may stem from a setting on your headset or controller. To rule this out, follow the steps outlined:

  1. Your mic volume may be so low that you can’t hear a sound. Check the headset volume to rule out this possibility.

You can manually adjust the mic volume if you are using a Kinect. Go to Settings on your Xbox One controller to increase the volume.

  1. Secondly, ensure that the microphone isn’t muted. You may mistakenly press the mute button on your headset. The mute button will have a noise cancellation icon. If the LED light on the mute button is blinking, that means that your headset won’t produce a sound. Press the button to deactivate the mute button.
  2. It’s also possible the other members of your team may have muted you. Most gamers prefer to play without noise, especially when they are playing with strangers.
  3. Make sure your devices and cables are correctly connected. You can also change the headset, controller, or console to ensure it is not a hardware issue.
  4. Ensure that your headset is connected to your controller. Also, check if your controller is connected to your console.
  5. Check if your controller is updated to the latest version. The Xbox One controller requires frequent updates, so check if there is a new version you need to update to.

Second Method: Check Your Profile Settings

  1. If parental control is enabled on Xbox One, then voice chat may be disabled. So check to ensure that the parental control option is not on.
  2. Before you check your privacy setting, make sure that parental control is disabled. If privacy is enabled, the voice chat may be disabled. To change the privacy option, follow the steps outlined:
  3. Select settings and click on all settings.
  4. Navigate to account and click on privacy & online safety.
  5. Go to View details & customize.
  6. Click on “Communicate with voice and text” and select people you want to talk to.
  7. Check to see if you can use the voice chat feature.

Third Method – Restart your Xbox One Console.

Most device issues can be cleared with a simple reboot. You should reboot your Xbox One console if the other methods listed above failed to work.

To restart the Xbox console, press the power button on your console for at least 5 seconds until it shuts down completely.

Unplug the power cable from your console and leave it for about a minute. This will reset the power supply of your Xbox One.

You can also unplug the power cable to your console, then plug it back and check to see if your mic is working now.

Other Methods to Employ In Fixing Your Xbox One Mic

Check your internet connection and speed. Slow internet may result in your mic producing distorted sounds. Make sure your modem and router are working perfectly well. You can also opt for using the Xbox app on your smartphone to communicate with other players.

If the Xbox life is down at any time, it may result in a distorted sound from your mic. Check the Xbox Live status to make sure it’s not down.

Using a power surge protector on your Xbox One consoles may result in your mic producing a distorted sound. Most Xbox consoles have built-in surge protection. An additional surge protector may prevent the console from working correctly.

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Note that if it is a hardware issue, this article’s methods will not be of help.

If your Xbox One set is faulty, you will have to consider replacing it. For a faulty console or controller, you can either repair or fix it. It’s best to contact Microsoft support for help in such situations. If your console or controller is still under the warranty period, it can be replaced.

One thing is sure, if you follow the below fixes carefully, provided your Xbox not working issue is not that of hardware, your Xbox mic issue will be resolved.