Xbox One Controller Won’t Turn On – How to Fix an Xbox One Controller That Won’t Turn On


It isn’t delightful when your Xbox One Controller won’t just turn on. At this point, you are not concerned with the reasons why it didn’t turn on. You are just frustrated and annoyed.

A functional Xbox controller will turn on once you press the power button. The power button flashes a light when pressed and then stays on. When this doesn’t happen, you can tell it’s not working.

There are one and a thousand reasons why your Xbox controller is not coming on. It all points to your Xbox controller being faulty and requiring professional services. It might also require you to get a new Xbox controller.

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Before seeking professional service or getting a new Xbox controller, this article will highlight some steps you can employ to resolve the issue.

Xbox One Controller Won’t Turn on – How to Fix an Xbox One Controller That Won’t Turn On

It’s quite frustrating when your Xbox controller doesn’t come. You might not have the time to call a repairer or even the money to buy a new Xbox.

Below are some troubleshooting tips you can try if your Xbox controller doesn’t turn on. If these tips prove futile, you might have to take your Xbox controller to a repairer or buy a new one.

  1. Check the Batteries

This is the first thing to do if your Xbox controller refused to turn it on. Open the battery compartment and check if the batteries are correctly placed. If the battery was incorrectly set, that means it might be why the Xbox isn’t turning on.

Place the battery correctly and try putting the Xbox on by pressing the power button. If the Xbox doesn’t turn on after this, it might mean that the batteries are faulty, and you will need to change them.

When changing batteries, don’t remove batteries from an old device and place them into the Xbox controller. Make sure to use brand new batteries out of the packet.

  1. Check the Battery Contact

Xbox controllers have metal tabs as their battery contact, unlike other devices with spring battery contact.

The battery contact can become bent or weaken over time. If too much force is applied to the battery contact, it might turn faulty.

To examine the battery contact, remove the batteries and check if the battery contact is bent or weakened. If it’s bent, you can use a screwdriver to fix it back to its normal position.

Use the screwdriver carefully and not forcefully so as not to damage the battery contact. You can also give it to someone with experience to pry the bent battery contact into the right position.

  1. Test the Xbox Charger

It’s also possible that the fault might be from the cable used in charging the Xbox; it could be damaged or worn.

Ensure that the charger is plugged in firmly and correctly; if it doesn’t come on, you can use a different USB port on the console. If it still doesn’t come up, try a different micro USB cable.

  1. Update the Firmware

The Xbox firmware must be updated regularly for it to work correctly. If the update is interrupted or gets corrupted, it won’t turn on.

Connect the controller via USB; when other troubleshooting tips fail, you can connect your Xbox controller using the USB cable directly into the console.

If your controller works when plugged in directly using a USB cable, it is best to invest in a long USB to micro USB cable and use the controller in wired mode.

If this tip doesn’t work, it might be an internal fault, and you will have to seek professional repairs. If your Xbox is under warranty, you can contact the Microsoft customer support team to get a replacement.

Suppose your Xbox is not under warranty, it’s still safer to contact Microsoft for professional repairs. They will be more experienced in fixing the problem.

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Reasons an Xbox One Controller Won’t Turn On – Why Is My Xbox Controller Not Turning On?

As mentioned earlier, many reasons can attribute to your Xbox One Controller not turning on. It could be a battery or a firmware problem.

In some cases, it might be internal hardware of battery contact faults. Some of these problems can be fixed in the comfort of your home, while some will require professional help.

Below are some common reasons why your Xbox One Controller won’t turn on.

  1. Battery Problems: these are among the common reasons why most Xbox controllers won’t come on. If the batteries are worn out or have no charge, the Xbox controller will not turn on until rectified. The Xbox controller won’t come on too if the battery is placed incorrectly.
  2. Battery Contacts Issues: if the battery contacts are damaged, the Xbox controller won’t come on. If the battery contact is moist, the Xbox controller won’t also come on. If the battery does not make firm contact for any reason, the Xbox controller won’t come on.
  3. Charging Dysfunction: if you use a faulty cable to charge your Xbox, there is no way it will come up. This problem is a bit challenging because you can’t tell when your Xbox cable is faulty.
  4. Firmware Break: your Xbox won’t come on if the controller firmware update is interrupted
  5. Internal Fault: this means that the Xbox has an enclosed defect. It could mean that something in the Xbox controller is broken, burnt, or simply faulty.

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Most often than not, your Xbox controller not turning on might be due to some of the reasons listed in this post. If none of the troubleshooting tips solves the problem, you should consider professional repairs or getting a new Xbox.

It’s always better if you contact Microsoft for any malfunction in your Xbox. They will send their repair team to look into it or replace your Xbox if it’s still under warranty.