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Xbox Series X Features – Is there a new Xbox coming out in 2020 or how much will the Xbox X Series cost? Presently, Microsoft declares the release of a new Xbox console known as the Xbox Series X.

However, this article will guide and explain to you more about how to find out more about the next-gen Xbox. That Microsoft will be lunching out this year 2020.

Moreover, the Xbox Series X is currently the next-generation Xbox. That will be launching out into the play station in the late year 2020. Besides, the next-gen Xbox was coded as the Xbox Project Scarlett.

Regarding your result of information, the Xbox Series X project was officially revealed during the Games Award in the year 2019 or E3 2019 that comes with a trailer showcase about the next-gen Xbox gaming console.

Furthermore, am sure we all know that the Xbox Series X is a home video game console and the project is a program to be released in late 2020. Besides, the new release of the Xbox is said to be among the fourth-generation family of the Xbox handwear.

Which apparently supersedes the current Xbox One Line. Hence, the coming of the new Xbox is expected to integrate an improve hardware in other to display the highest resolution.

More also, the Xbox Series X game console was said to be fully compatible with all games and also includes controllers and accessories that support the current Xbox One.

How Much Is the New Xbox Scarlett Console Price?

In less talk, note that the released data of the Xbox Scarlett console is yet to be released. In which the price of the Xbox Scarlett project is yet to be officially released also.

The Microsoft wont released the price of the new Microsoft console. Hence, the pricing of the Xbox One pricing which was a whooping cost $499 during the official released of the gaming console.

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Then, the Microsoft immediately reduce the pricing when it’s was found out that people weren’t forking out. All what we know is that the new Xbox Series X price will not be cheap likewise the cost of it’s

When will the new Xbox come out – Xbox Series X release Date?

On the contrary, we discover that a lot of people are excited about the coming out of the next-gen Xbox console that Microsoft is planning to release. However, the particular date, month or time for the released of the new Xbox is yet to be announced.

According to our findings and hooping, the Xbox Series launch is expected to be released in the late 2020. And also suggested that the released of the newest Xbox Scarlett console should be coming out in November.

What Xbox Games to Expected from the New Xbox Scarlett Games

In some suggestions, the game that is expected to be found of the Xbox Scarlett games includes. Games from a list of Xbox One game and also from Xbox One X enhanced games.

As was said earlier, the Microsoft made it clear that Xbox Series X will come with all game playable from Xbox One which also include the Xbox 360 and also original Xbox title. Besides, here are some new games available for the Xbox Serie X include:

  • Outriders
  • Senuas Sega: Hellblade II
  • Halo Infinite

In summary, the Xbox Series X will also comprise a list of backward compatible games for Xbox One. Besides, there will be the release of more games before the official release of the upcoming Xbox console game.

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