YouTube Register – Features of YouTube – YouTube

YouTube Register – Features of YouTube – YouTube

What is the YouTube register feature? YouTube is an American video-sharing and viewing site owned and developed by Google. The YouTube platform lets its users upload posts, view, share, rate, report, add to favorites and comment on videos. It also allows the subscription of another user’s channel. It provides users with a wide range of media videos, short movie clips, audios, live streams, trailers. Other forms of informative or educational videos are available on this platform.

Unregistered users of this platform can only watch and view videos on the site. Registered users of the platform, on the other hand, are allowed to upload and post an unlimited range of videos. They can also drop comments on videos. It is no secret to everyone that this YouTube platform was created and designed for the purpose of uploading, watching and sharing of amazing, educating and interesting video contents. This platform concentrates widely on all activities and classes of video content you could ever think of. This platform is definitely entertaining and educating!

Most contents contained in the YouTube platform are usually uploaded by individuals. Many firms including corporations like BBC, Vevo, CBS, Hulu, and so many more firms offer their materials through this site. For you to enjoy the features of this site, register for an account.

Features of YouTube

  • Stay up to date with your favorite channels and videos.
  • Upload and post your own video content.
  • Watch and view your favorite speakers.
  • Keep up with videos shared by favorite celebrities, friends, and others.
  • Creating your own YouTube channel.
  • Collaborating YouTube with your personal site.
  • Giving feedback or comment about particular video content and so much more.

These features and others not mentioned have been designed to create and build up your relationship with the YouTube platform. It allows you to modify your experience and relate closely with the community established on the platform. After you register for a YouTube account, your favorite videos, your search history, your subscriptions, your favorite channels, and so on, will be saved to your account.

How to Get Started with YouTube Register

Registering for a YouTube account is free, fast and hassle-free. To get started with YouTube Register, you just have to provide some basic details and create your username and password.

  • On your web browser, visit the link and click on “sign up”.
  • You must have a Google account. Type in your email address and a password into the sign up field.
  • Choose the country you live in.
  • Type in your postal code of your country.
  • Select your gender and type in your date of birth.
  • Type in the characters you see on the screen or complete the Google Captcha.
  • Agree to the terms of use and policy of the YouTube platform.
  • Click on “Create my account”.

That is how you can easily create a YouTube account.

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