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Zoom Meeting App – Zoom meeting app has become one of the most common and used apps in the last couple of months. The Zoom meeting app is supported across all devices including Windows, Android, and iOS.

Zoom app and software have a dedicated download site where you can also find Zoom plugin for browsers, etc. It is equipped with a dedicated plugin for iPhone and iPad in case you will like to share your screen with other Zoom users.

The video conferencing software allows users to attend meetings without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Notwithstanding where you are, the zoom meeting app will make sure that all stakeholders can stay on track and work together efficiently.

Zoom is equipped with special features like instant messaging, screen sharing and many other features. Another special feature Zoom possesses is that it allows users to join a meeting right from its website.

Which means you can join a meeting without downloading the Zoom app. The platform offers four different plans to suit its users needs, making it a special online office tool for professional and official use.

For beginners, all you need is the base app called Zoom Cloud Meeting or Zoom Conference Call. It is available for Android and iOS users, and it can be downloaded from their respective app stores (Google Play store and App Store).

How to Host a Meeting with your Zoom Meeting App or Software on Android, iOS, and Windows 

Download and install the Zoom meeting app or software on your device. After that, the first step to take is to carry out a Zoom account sign up. The service permits users to sign up for a Zoom account using Google, Facebook, and SSO Account.

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After a successful sign up, you can use any of the log in methods to get started. You can check out the zoom meetings or follow these steps to start up a Zoom meeting;

  • Input your login details and click on sign in button. After you’re logged in, the homepage displays four options; New Meeting, Join, Schedule, and Share screen.
  • To host a new meeting tap on the ‘New Meeting’ option: A new window will open asking for necessary permissions like Camera and microphone with no participants in it yet.
  • Next, look for the Invite button at the bottom of the meeting screen and tap on it: On this page, you can invite other members via their email ID or Zoom ID. Zoom meeting app allows users to copy the joining URL and Sharing it using Email or Zoom ID.
  • After you’re done inviting them, wait patiently for others to join the Zoom meeting.
  • When the Zoom cloud meeting is over, you can now tap on the End meeting button located at the bottom right side of the Zoom meeting window.
How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting

To get this done, tap on the Schedule button, then a new window will pop up displaying Schedule Meeting.

Input key details about the Zoom meeting like Topic, Time, Duration, Meeting ID, Password, and mode how you want the Zoom meeting to be scheduled. Lastly, tap on the Schedule option.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

To join a Zoom meeting, you need to have the invite details such as Zoom meeting ID or Personal link name.

Zoom meeting password is also inclusive in case the host has opted for it. Next, tap on the join link and input the required information. Finally, tap on the Join button on the Join Meeting window.

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